Anton Pinschof was born an Austrian exile and educated in Britain, mostly by Benedictines. In the late 1960's he dropped out of architecture, went to jail in support of Vietnam, worked in agitprop theatre, did a first farming apprenticeship, went to Mexico and America, was at the last Isle of Wight and the first Glastonbury festivals, and entered the realm of the 'Fourth World', whose journal at that time was 'Resurgence', only to find himself behind a bar in the wilds of Scotland, surrounded by wild shepherds, gamekeepers, foresters & distillery workers. He continued his agricultural apprenticeship during the mid-1970's in Switzerland, Austria and France, was for three years acting secretary-general of the embryonic International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). He became a backwoodsman in Brittany (Little Britain) and has, for a third of a century, been a smallholder with a precarious pitch at the weekly street-market. He worked on the first three 'Fourth World' assemblies in the early 1980s and, in the mid-1990's, co-founded the Cliffs Edge Signalling Company (cesc) aimed at integrating Silvio Gesell's land and monetary reform principles across linguistic & ideological chasms with various other movements & historical undercurrents, resisting progress towards the void by disinventing the protection racket that is capitalism.


Peter Etherden is a radical economist, a lapsed engineer and a social entrepreneur. In the early 80s he helped establish the Human Scale Institute at Wheelock College in Boston with a summer school for nursery and primary school teachers at Solviva Gardens on Martha's Vineyard. In the 1990s he co-founded cesc, a Brittany-based think tank, working to bring together the various European alternative traditions on 'work' and 'money'. He stood as the Parliamentary Candidate for the Referendum Party in Oldham in the 1997 Westminster elections. From 1987 to 2006 he was a regular contributor to Fourth World Review and the author of The Rise & Fall of The Swedish Green Party (1982-1997) published in 1989 under the pen name of William Shepherd. 

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