Usury and the English Church

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We live in the dying embers of an Age of Great Usury; at the end of a thousand year struggle by the priests and yeomen of this sceptered isle against an invisible army of darkness. A real history of England would describe and explain the battles between patriots & financiers, kings & merchants, men & sheep. The historic battleground is money. The enemy’s weapon has been the abuse of money.

1. Background
2. The Early Church
3. The Medieval Church
4. Before the Reformation
5. Church Mints
6. A Just and Stable Price
7. Cloth is My Bread
8. Interest or Partnership
9. Usury Legalized
10. Legalized Usury is not Legal
11. Usury Moralized
12. 18th Century
13. After Waterloo
14. Christian Socialism
15. Recovery
I. Dante Aligheri
II. Sir William Blackstone
III. Tawney on Banking
IV. Discourse Upon Usury
V. Tawney on Usury

“Usury is that swelling monster contrary to nature, order and all good reason.”

“Usury overthrows trade, decays merchandise, undoes tillage, destroys craftsmen, defaces chivalries, beats down nobility, brings dearth and famine, and causes destruction and confusion.”
(Thomas Wilson 1569)

“The cancer of usury is an old venomous sore and the chiefest head and cause of Rebellions in countries.”

Henry Swabey